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Real Money. Real Projects. Real Power.

Through D5 Decides, District 5 community members will directly impact the projects funded by the City of San José. You can share your ideas for improving District 5.

If you have an idea about how things could work better in your community, fill in the fields below and place your idea on the map. Check out the guidelines to see what ideas can be funded.

Criteria Projects are eligible for funding if they meet the following criteria:

1) Benefit the public.
2) Are a one-time expense that can be completed with funds from the 2018 Participatory Budgeting process.
3) Are capital projects, which usually involve infrastructure improvements (as opposed to operating projects, which usually fund salaries and services). Infrastructure is usually physical, but not always. Many IT-related projects, such as developing an app or expanding free public Wi-FI, could be eligible.
4) Are implemented by the City of San José on City property (streets, sidewalks, parks, libraries, community centers, municipal buildings, etc.
5) Are located within District 5.

Idea submission is closed for the 2018/2019. We are currently reviewing submissions. We will be voting on ideas. Check back for more information.