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1 362018-05-05 23:40:37
Mel Rodriguez 
Streets & Sidewalks
Street cleaning signs
Would know it's when we are to be cleaning our neighbor hood
2 372018-05-08 16:17:31
Lucila Chavez
Parks & Recreation
Plata Arroyo Skate park
to create murals at Plata Arroyo Skate park to cover up the graffithi art that is already there.
enjoy the skate park with beautiful works of art created by the community. This way the skate park will be respected and be welcoming for all ages to be at. This will allow parents to feel comfortable with a park that is welcoming.
3 382018-05-09 01:13:58
Nancy Gyes
Streets & Sidewalks
Crothers Road
Please repair Crothers Road and reconnect Alum Rock with Mt Hamilton Road
For 20 years we have had an unnecessary road closure.  Please repair our road. 
4 392018-05-09 05:16:38
Teresa Marlowe
Public Safety
Lochner Dr between Candler and Mt Vista Dr
Surveillance Camera
be fined who are illegally dumping items here
5 402018-05-09 16:14:19
Mary Martens
Youth & Education
Alum Rock and Berryessa
A Bridge to Security.  Offer public classes in community centers on how to budget income, understand the banking system, how credit works, filing taxes, car insurance, rental housing, buying houses & mortgages, etc., etc. Taking these free courses would help graduates from falling directly into debt. Keep the young and Anyone inexperienced from falling into debt, losing jobs, failing marriages, and losing confidence in their Future. It could make confidant young, stable families and good citizens. Also, possibly less homeless people. 
Succeed as an individual, citizen, and family
6 412018-05-09 16:19:51
carina garcia
Streets & Sidewalks
 sullivan ave and Karl  95122
cleaner, safer streets.
inoperable cars,  RVs parked on residential streets, lighting on smaller streets, this will bring safety to our streets, residents will feel more at easy when walking the streets, cleaner streets with no obstructions that collect garbage and derbi from parked cars that do not move but once a week when they have to move for the street sweep, people leaving on Rv makes it dangerous, and hazard for residents, these people are trashing the surroundings with 
7 422018-05-09 17:55:12
Maria  Arroyo
Youth & Education
Adelante school and all Alum Rock School District Schools 
School Garden and equipment
Students' and Teachers' creativity can flourish within a garden. Outdoor math/art/science/reading/nutrition lessons can be implemented into an outdoor classroom. A school garden can also offer many behavioral and therapeutic benefits. 
8 432018-05-09 18:03:05
Maria Arroyo
Hillview Park
Community Garden 
A community garden benefits all. It brings families together, it nurtures creativity, promotes health and is good for the environment. 
9 442018-05-09 23:35:33
Denise Rivas
Streets & Sidewalks
Alum Rock ave
Street lights going up Alum Rock Ave. there is slot of foot traffic at night on Alum Rock Ave. and it is. Dry difficult to see pedestrians. 
Be safe!!!
10 452018-05-10 20:19:55
Alexandra Stein
Parking strip along center of Capitol Expressway (from Story Rd to Tully Rd)
Robust drought tolerant landscaping to replace the weeds that grow in between both directions of Capitol Expressway and beautify our neighborhood!
Enjoy your commute by witnessing the beauty of nature. From Story to Tully it's currently just dirt and weeds growing. We live in the Valley of Heart's Delight! Let's embrace nature and the beautiful plants and flowers that thrive here.  We can work with local landscape specialists and nurseries to design and build.
11 472018-05-12 01:28:55
jay gatsby
Public Safety
kammerer ave
speed bumps or a stop sign at McCreery
...walk across the street without fear of being run over. there’s plenty of ways to slow drivers down near the school which is great but let’s remember that those kids continue on to Kammerer Speedway where they have to risk their lives to cross the street. the sad irony is that quite a few of those speeders are parents racing to and from the school. 
12 492018-05-12 18:55:39
Nancy Mejia
Arts & Culture
District 5 in our community 
A soul making experience for the unfortunate homeless
Rally together in our community who are interested in creating a temporary village for our community of the people where we can care with our souls together for the disadvantaged homeless
13 602018-05-14 03:09:27
Cecilio  Villafana 
District 5
To create a program for the homeless.
The program’s goal is reincorporate homeless in our society; with this you help them and at the same time you could keep clean d5, specially freeway entrances. 
14 622018-05-15 22:59:47
Jose S Martinez
Streets & Sidewalks
Throughout Capitol Expressway in the center medians and other city streets
Plant palm trees throughout thoroughfares and city streets of San Jose
So that street trees in San Jose can remain consistent with the upgrades that were made along Story Rd. This has improved with blight in East San Jose and other portions throughout the city. San Jose stands out from the rest of the bay area as we have more of a Southern California feel to it compared to Los Angeles. This will beautify East San Jose as we remain consistent with new development to include palm trees throughout the city streets.
15 632018-05-17 05:02:52
Jesse Haro
Arts & Culture
Alum Rock Village Sidewalks
Have 8 Artistically painted pots to be placed in the Alum Rock Village  Along both sides of Alum Rock Ave from White Rd to Millar Ave. Pots to be painted by James Lick High School Advanced Art Students. Plants planted in the pots to be selected by James Lick High School Environmental Club students. Artwork to be fun, positive, cultural. Plants to be drought tolerant, attractive
Beautify the Alum Rock Village. This is part of our strategy to increase the beauty and pride in our Alum Rock neighborhood.
16 642018-05-17 05:16:06
Jesse  Haro
Public Safety
City Parking Lot behind Planned Parenthood and other stores in the Alum Rock Village Shopping Area
Make this parking lot safe and at the same time beautify this lot. All in the name of Pride
Since Ms. Flo Douglas, ARVAC continues to work to make our neighborhood safe. This parking lot is very unsafe. In a  recent walk through the parking lot with Captain Schriefer, we identified much needed improvements. 1. Cut the trees back that are along the fence. they are blocking lighting. Change the lighting to brighter lighting. The parking lot is very neglected. We would like the parking lines repainted, have trash receptacles placed in the lot. Also need self sustaining drought friendly greenery added.
17 652018-05-17 05:22:12
Jesse  Haro
Streets & Sidewalks
Alum Rock Village Sidewalks
Add 6 trash receptacles to both sides of the Alum Rock Village sidewalks from Alum Rock and White to Alum Rock and Millar Ave
There are not enough trash receptacles near those business in the village with the heaviest creators of trash ie. Starbucks, Quikstop, R&D Liquor. We need more receptacles to help reduce the level of trash
18 662018-05-18 03:20:02
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