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Below are all of the ideas submitted to last year’s D5 Participatory Budgeting exercise. The last column shows whether it appeared on the 2017 ballot.

 My project idea is...So that people could...Location 
1Tree CanopyBenefit from the documented health and well being attributes that a healthy tree canopy provides. Well chosen clean and drought tolerant trees should be placed where the City can maintain them and the sidewalks surrounding them.3340 Mt Vista Dr, San Jose, California, 95127On Ballot
2Neighborhood Tree Maintenancebe eased of the burden of the costs to trim and thin high maintenance trees planted by the City or developer many years ago. Correct trimming and thinning also makes the trees safer and less prone to losing large limbs.3340 Mt Vista Dr, San Jose, California, 95127
3Sidewalk Maintenancebe eased of the burden of the cost to repair or replace sidewalk that has been damaged by a street tree that is no longer maintained by the City.3340 Mt Vista Dr, San Jose, California, 95127
4Expansion of Street Teamsto reduce common litter and set and example for those who are responsible. Include an early evening shift so that as many residents as possible can witness the Team doing their good work.3340 Mt Vista Dr, San Jose, California, 95127
5Garbage Canswould be encouraged to use them for their litter. Have them emptied by an expanded Street Teams program.3340 Mt Vista Dr, San Jose, California, 95127
6Garbage/Greenwaste Binsoffer discounted or free upgrade to larger garbage bin and/or greenwaste bin to reduce street litter and greenwaste debris left by the scooper3340 Mt Vista Dr, San Jose, California, 95127
7Ehance Tween/Teen Game Program at Hillview Libraryconnect youth to their community and close the poverty gap by increasing literacy and providing educational opportunities, our library has designed a number of programs to keep at-risk children off the streets and engaged in a safe, learning-conducive environment. One such program is called Game Zone Fridays. Once a week, Game Zone Fridays transforms the libraryÕs large community room into an interactive gaming space for youth.San Jose Public Library-Hillview BrOn Ballot
8Increasing Community Awareness through Digital Signagebe more aware of the free resources, programs and services Hillview Branch Library provides (as well as San Jose Public Library as a whole). We are requesting funding for a large outdoor LED sign that will sit near the Hopkins Drive and advertise our programs and services to connect more community members with the information and resources they need. An example sign is attached.San Jose Public Library-Hillview Br
9Family Bingo at the Libraryhave fun together participating in an activity every age group enjoys: Family Bingo! This program promotes literacy skills for the entire familyÑfrom young children to adolescents to adultsÑespecially to Spanish-speaking and Vietnamese-speaking customers living in the surrounding Alum Rock community, who the Library wants to more actively engage. Besides promoting literacy, the Family Bingo programÕs other objective is to provide a safe place for our community to come together as a family.Dr Roberto Cruz-Alum Rock Branch LibraryOn Ballot
10Install Crosswalk Warning Light SystemsDuring the traffic commute hours (morning and evening) this area has high traffic. The crosswalks in this area are difficult to see and cars are typically traveling at a decesnt speed before they see a pedestrian in the crosswalk (Address is approx due the crosswalks being on CA-130). This proposal is for both crosswalks in that area.3131 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, California, 95127
11Signage - Keep San Jose Beautifulbe encouraged and educated to keep our neighborhoods free of blight.3340 Mt Vista Dr, San Jose, California, 95127On Ballot
12additional waste/garbage bins around James Lick High Schoolreduce the amount of litter that is thrown on the floor that makes its way into the streets and storm drains headed to the bay. Around the permiter of James Lick High School there are 2 trash bin located at the bus stops (typically full). The perimeter that James Lick occupies in large and there should be more than 2 trash bin to support this area.57 N White Rd, San Jose, California, 95127
13Let There Be Lights!I think the area would benefit greatly if it had more street lights. It is often too dark to feel comfortable and taking a walk with younger kids is not desirable. As a driver, it would make spotting pedestrians easier too.49 Stewart Ave
14Community MuralProvide a community mural. ItÕs a larger than life representation of a communityÕs histories and hopes. Community murals provide a cost-effective method for people to publicly celebrate those things that they consider to be truly important, identifying themselves to each other as well as to visitors to the community. If possible could we have community muralists orchestrate design and painting processes but have them create opportunities for both skilled and less skilled participants (Y Market)306 S White Rd, San Jose, California, 95127
15Startup Homeowners AssociationGet to know one another. Also beheld to keep there property, community, and new community park clean and safe.District 5
16Capitol Park - Outdoor activities/ walking trail and pet friendly parkI would like to see Capitol park having after school activities, such as basketball & soccer, or something similar to the boys and girls club. It would be great to have a walking trail and special area we can walk our pet dogs.2475 Van Winkle Ln, San Jose, California, 95116
17Need Speed Radar Sign on S. Jackson Ave (Storybook Neighborhood)My neighborhood desperately needs a Speed Radar sign on Jackson Ave off the 680 freeway exit. We have speeders up and down this street at all hours of the day. It feels and sounds like we live in front of a expressway. If we have speed radar signs installed along this street, drivers will realize how fast their driving, maybe they will slow down to the speed limit.116 Fleming AveOn Ballot
18No Bicycle Riding on the Sidewalk Signs in D5There is not a day I'm backing out of my driveway and I have someone riding their bicycle fast on the sidewalk. Constituents in D5 should be aware they cannot ride their bicycle on the sidewalk. By having these signs on busy streets such as: S. Jackson Ave, Story Rd, King Rd, Alum Rock Ave, White Rd, in front of stores, restaurants, schools and medical buildings, just to name of few this should avoid dangerous accident from happening.S Jackson Ave, San Jose, California, 95116
19Litted Sidewalk is Needed on S. Jackson Ave (Off 680 freeway and Bambi Ln)I would like to see a litted sidewalk on S. Jackson Ave This intersection is located off the 680 freeway and Bambi Ln. This location has 2 VTA stops (Bus Route 70) across from each other. In the evening, the street is semi dark with the new yellow/orange street lights. It would be great if we can have a litted sidewalk or something similar at this intersection for bus riders and people trying to walk across the street on this is a VERY busy intersection.S Jackson Ave, San Jose, California, 95116
20Need a Crossing Guard(s) at Aptitud Community AcademyAptitud Community Academy desperately needs a school crossing guard(s) in the morning and afternoon during the school year. Its a complete chaos in the morning dropping off students in front of the school. If the school could have a couple of crossing guards in front of school that would make things easier for everyone and it will avoid a dangerous accident involving children, parents and school staff.2475 Van Winkle Ln, San Jose, California, 95116
21Deliver a pathway for young girls 4th - 7th grade to develop a healthy sense of self, personal leadership skills, confidence, encouragement and support.A program that helps young girls to develop a healthy sense of self, personal leadership skills, personal confidence and encouragement through mentorships and speaking engagements by reliable professional women and organizations. The end goal for the girls being higher self-esteem, new skills to cope with tough situations they are facing, the ability to say ÔnoÕ when appropriate and have a safe place to ask questions or seek assistance as needed.Alum Rock, California, United States
22Gather Tech companies that are changing the future to present concept and gadgets.Be inspired and motivated to be better and to be informed what is to come in the next couple years. Gadgets to be presented should be autonomous vehicle, Virtual Reality, Hololens , Hyperloop, Flying Vehicles, etc.Mt Pleasant High School
23to gather Silicon Valley Tech companies to present their technology and inspired and motivated to become better and to let them know what is to com e in the future.Presentations would be made by companies showing technology like autonomous vehicles, virtual reality, hololens, flying vehicles etc. Public speakers should attend to tell their story of how they found success.Mt Pleasant High School
24To hold live music events at local district parksEnjoy their community with each other and promote local park use while also using the event to inform the communities on how to keep their parks and communities clean. The event can hold acoustic and electrified instrumented music acts, though acoustic is more preferable since less power supply would be needed. There will need to be a PA system for the musicians instruments if they intend to hold large crowds. If small crowds are held, the acoustic instruments or amplifiers should suffice.1358 Park Pleasant Cir
25to improve the walkway and bridge on Clayton Road between Mt. McKinley and Story across the bridge safely, I propose that both the entry and exits of the walkways to cross the bridge be paved. This will allow more people to use the walkway and not cross on the road. The walkway is often, muddy, dirty and uneven, making walking or biking dangerous. I also request that the concrete on the bridge be fixed as it is crumbling and cracking. This little bridge slows traffic & creates a small town neighborhood feeling to the community and should be improved.1425 Clayton Rd, San Jose, California, 95127
26upgrade the Marten Ave. crosswalk near Mount Pleasant High school with flashing lights.safely cross the street, the existing crosswalk on Marten Ave. near Mount Pleasant High school needs to be upgraded with flashing lights. This will increase visibility and allow students to cross safely and will help slow traffic. Almost all high schools in the area have this safety feature and Mt. Pleasant students deserve the same.3158 Marten Ave, San Jose, California, 95148On Ballot
27to have music classes taught to those who do not have the necessary resources to learn an instrumenthave their child/teenager, who does not have access to taking classes at school or a private institution, learn a musical instrument. The class will be held two or three times a week and the program will last for 4-6 months. The goal of the program is to give a child the confidence to pursue learning a musical instruments. The focus of the class will be to show them the basic fundamentals of learning the class provided instrument whether it be guitar, violin, piano, etc.40 N White Rd
28homework center at oldhillviewget help with homework1721 Adrian Way
29auction abandoned buidlings to gain revenue and clean up streetspossibly build housing/hotels/etc. assist with homelessness2599 Tully Rd
30get volunteers of parent/child partners to pick up trash in their neighborhoods and shopping clean up their communities, and be rewarded with a free day at a city event or San Jose museum.
31a community clean up of Welch Parkenjoy welch park2273 Huran Dr, San Jose, California, 95122
32to put new grass at capitol parkenjoy capitol parkPeter Pan Ave, San Jose, California, 95116On Ballot
33community events at hillview parkenjoy hillviewOcala Ave & Adrian Way, San Jose, California, 95122
34replace old street light fixture with new LEDbuild & stop signpromote public safety both during the day for kids and citizens/residents during the nightGawain Dr, San Jose, California, 95127
35to establish neighborhood web groupget better acquainted, deoend on each other in next disasterOcala Ave & Adrian Way, San Jose, California, 95122
36revitalization of Alum Rock Business Corridorreturn to the corridor4602 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, California, 95127
37stop sign at Beverly Blvd + Melrose Ave ; and Balboa+ Beverly Blvdnot worry about speeding for hitting people50 Beverly Blvd, San Jose, California, 95116
38continued support of youth centers/ take building out of reuse to City runnedknow children have safe place to gather; communities are welcome to use facilities4601 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, California, 95127
39need a new 2nd playground in Emma Prush Parkenjoy the beautification and the family quality of life.647 N King Rd, San Jose, California, 95133
40homeless shelter (Veterans)provide assistance to the homeless1879 Potrero Dr, San Jose, California, 95124
41community center for seniorsmeet/dance/ arbuckle school cafe1970 Cinderella Ln, San Jose, California, 95116
42speed bumps and school zone on stroy roadchildren can cross story road to get to voices mount pleasant without risk of being hit.14272 Story Rd, San Jose, California, 95127
43basketball courtplay baskeyballOcala Ave & Adrian Way, San Jose, California, 95122
44fix the bathroom at hillview parkuse the bathroomOcala Ave & Adrian Way, San Jose, California, 95122On Ballot
45a community clean up at Cassell Parkenjoy Cassell park with their families95122, San Jose, California
46Music and Movement Programchildren would be provided with free music and dance lessons, in order to improve self-esteem and the emotional state in young kids.30 Kirk Ave, San Jose, California, 95127
47MEET N' EAT CLUBmeet up at different restaurants in the East Side for a meal each month to explore different cuisines, meet their neighbors and support small businesses in our community. People can submit their favorite eating spots and 2 -4 locations per month will be chosen to eat with different price levels to include everyone. If amicable, have dining locations agree on that day to give a percentage of the profits to a nonprofit that serves our community.4901 Alum Rock Ave
48Mobile Tide Clothing Wash Buswash their clothes. Tide has a program by the name Loads of Hope at tide.com10310 Dover Way, San Jose, California, 95127
49Block Party Areacould have a shopping center location such as Safeway/Home Depot off/on Story Road to meet local Elected Official/great community resource information10310 Dover Way, San Jose, California, 95127
50Trash Drop & Godrop of larger garbage items not able to through away in our weekly trash pick ups. Dumpsters can be put out in key D5 location chain store parking lots to alleviate street dumping.10310 Dover Way, San Jose, California, 95127
51D5 Beautifysee and have multi cultural/inspiring quote murals be put along Capitol Ave./Expressway walls throughout D510310 Dover Way, San Jose, California, 95127
52Removal of abandoned homesthe neighborhood along East Hills Drive will not have 3-4 abandoned homes to attract blight, crime, unsafe conditions and depressed property values. Once the property owners are identified and process for removal and change of ownership takes place (which is complex), conduct a neighborhood input process for determining whether they want a community garden, pocket park or other amenity.3340 E Hills Dr
53Trash Collection for Homeless Peopledispose of their garbage at homeless encampment along highway off-ramps instead of having trash continuously left for CalTrans to dispose of it. Until the homeless and housing crisis problem is solved, a humane and cost-effective way to deal with the ongoing litter created from homeless encampment may be providing regular garbage collection at ongoing homeless encampments.McKee Rd
54Emergency Weather Alert Systembe aware and safely evacuate people during sudden weather emergencies.1715 Lido Way
55Alum Rock Village Pride Street BannersFeel the pride of Alum Rock Corridor, the heart of East San Jose. Theme: It Takes A Village3140 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, California, 95127On Ballot
56Alum Rock Village Pride Street BannersFeel the pride of Alum Rock Corridor, the heart of East San Jose. Theme: It Takes A Village3140 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, California, 95127
57Mural on 11 S. White RdInstill pride in East San Jose. Deter the frequent tagging in this area and regain a sense of pride in Alum Rock and East San Jose. Mural should depict the rich diversity of our community, reflect on the history of this area from the Ohlone indians, the immigrants, the farmland, farmworkers, rich asian community. Also dedication to Miss Flo Douglas11 S White Rd, San Jose, California, 95127
58Greenery along Alum Rock Village Shopping Area from Alum Rock Ave and White Rd to Alum Rock and Millar AveBeautify the Alum Rock Village Shopping Area providing much needed greenery in this area to make it attractive enough to draw more shopping traffic to the area. Renew a sense of pride in this area and hopefully bring in more businesses to the close out the vacant properties. Should consist of drought resistant plants/planter boxes, and other artistic plantingsAde, Indiana
59Welcome To Alum Rock Signage: The Heart of East San JoseGreat Pride in the Community. Beautifying the area, attract more of the community to this business area. Pride in this area can have multiple positive effects for our community. Business owners, property owners, high school students, and residents will take better care of this area, make it safer, cleaner, and more attractive.11 S White Rd, San Jose, California, 95127On Ballot
60Better lighting at Marten and Mt. Pleasant at the crossing of 7-11 and Moose Lodge. That corner is always so dangerous, because there is poor lighting there. Also, down further at Columbine and Mt.walk safely at night3501 Marten AveOn Ballot
61After School Sports Program for Alum Rock School DistrictKids in our area learn to work in teams, build self esteem and confidence and exercise to live healthier.2920 Alum Rock Ave
62STEM Program at Russo McEntee AcadamyKids can develop and foster a passion for Science and Engineering. To help them discover new ways to help our communities101 Lyndale Ave
63Create a program to distribute and collect garbage bags from homeless.Possibly managed via recycle centers in district 5. Example: Distribute daily and pay $2 per bag, maximum of $4 per week, etcSo that the homeless have a means and an incentive to clean up their area. The program requires vetting of homeless, also proctored distribution and collection. The program would run 6 months to see if it works. If successful, make it a permanent program. There is a chance people would clean up if given the tools. Today the only choice is to litter.3055 Bigwood Dr
64Public and Traffic Safety - St. John Vianney / East Foothillssafely cross the Barletta Ln. / Madeline Dr. intersection & walk the south side of Barletta Ln. with proper public safety measures & completed sidewalks. Everyday, from the early morning to late night, students, families, runners/joggers/walkers, & other pedestrians have to brave this intersection & the uneven, unfinished sidewalks on Barletta Ln. with extreme caution & concern for their lives. We hope to keep all drivers, pedestrians, & East side residents safe and out of harmÕs way!3502 Madeline Dr
65More lighting on Doris,speed bumps & sidewalksTo deter home and car theft, which is on the rise. As well, so people can feel safe. Currently, there are only 2-3 street lights. Also, speed bumps are a must because cars speed down the street with no concern for pedestrians and more importantly children. Please invest in sidewalks as well. This is critical to neighborhood safety as well.10081 Bedford St
66a composting optionturn their food scraps into compost that can feed neighboring farmlands/parks/city gardens, that can be sold for personal/business/school-garden use, and that will reduce the amount of waste we throw away overall. Veggielution may prove a viable partner here.Emma Prusch Farm Park
67to paint cultural murals along the walkway of a Pedestrian Bridge.feel safer to use the bridge allowing people to have better access to nearby amenities and connect separated neighborhoods. These uniquely placed murals would also encourage people to enjoy a healthy lifestyle by highlighting walking and bicycling. It would be something that people could see from the airplanes.2431 Madden Ave
68to paint cultural murals along the walkway of a Pedestrian Bridge.feel safer to use the bridge allowing people to have better access to nearby amenities and connect separated neighborhoods. These uniquely placed murals would also encourage people to enjoy a healthy lifestyle by highlighting walking and bicycling. It would be something that people could see from the airplanes.2004 Lavonne Ave
69to paint crosswalk murals on King and Story.feel safer when they walk in a central business and shopping district. This will also signify an important central space and act as a gateway into the culturally rich, East San Jose. It will encourage people to walk from Emma Prusch Park to the shopping and eating areas and back.1701 Story Rd
70Traffic calming for an intersection of an unsafe bridge exit.avoid harmful collisions with pedestrians and bicyclists. Create a chicane or bulbout to slow down traffic as Lavonne Ave and Sunset Ave intersect. Currently, there are not even stop signs or notifications that its a high pedestrian/skateboard/bicyclist bridge exit and a city designated bicycle route. Cars travel fast on that street as its a long stretch and bicyclists and skateboards tend to pick up speed as they come down that bridge exit.1997 Lavonne AveOn Ballot
71to create a space that teaches Chinese cultures such as self-taught stations.can broaden the understanding between Eastern and Western societies in a tranquil and beautiful setting. This will also increase the youth traffic at the Chinese Cultural Garden.On Ballot
72Motion-detected LED lights on the Sunset Pedestrian Bridgesafely travel and discourage loitering along the long stretch of bridge. Knowing if someone is along the bridge will allow our more vulnerable users to be cautious when traveling. A trickle light will also help signify if someone is coming down the ramp at high speeds that will help you avoid a collision. This will promote tech in low-income neighborhoods that also solves a practical issue.2004 Lavonne AveOn Ballot
73to create more streetlights inside the parkfeel safe when passing by. The park itself is dim and can attract the wrong crowd.This would also make possible the security of the space.Plata Arroyo Park
74to create different types of sport fields so children can become allow more youths to utilize the park. Also, it creates a welcoming atmosphere that will attract people who do not skateboard. Some of the sport fields can be a volleyball court, a tennis court and also put place two giant field goals. This will allow kids to choose between different activities, the only thing they need is to bring the right equipments themselves. There is a large field that can be transformed into the said courts.265 N King Rd
75A Clean Leveled Groundfloor for Sunset Bridge Park Area.have another community space to utilize for festive, educational, artistic, or other community enriching activities. This could be a unique space to activate if the site could welcome people. Currently the floor is uneven, dusty, and riddled with dangerous old glass. The dirt floor also promotes litter and graffiti. If there were some walkable foundation it could be utilized.851 S Sunset Ave
76to create a Sunset Bridge Dog Parkhave a dog-friendly place to take their dogs to exercise and play as well as have a chance to meet other community members that have dogs. There are a lot of dogs in these neighborhoods but not a designated dog park for miles! This will help occupy the space to deter negative behavior from the bridge851 S Sunset Ave
77to Install Bike Repair Stations at a Popular Bus or Light Rail, adjust, tune their bike at popular transit stations like new Alum Rock and King Road. Encouraging bikes at transit station will further connect the citizens of the eastside. These fix it stations all already over the US and East San Jose has alot of bicyclist and new bicycle lanes.1701 Alum Rock Ave
78Sunset Bridge Exercise Parkhave access to free public physical health equipment like that you see on a exercise trail. This will encourage the neighborhoods to be health aware and utilize a space thats currently being neglected. The bridge is heavily used for running and walking and that community would benefit from free public exercise equipment.851 S Sunset Ave
79Sunset Ave Bike Path Signagebe aware that it's the City's designated bike path. There is a fork in the road on Sunset Ave and Sanders Ave with no signage for which way to go and no stop signs to help cars be aware of bicycle traffic. There is little to no signage for Sunset Ave bike path from main roads like San Antonio and Alum Rock.665 S Sunset Ave
80Sunset Bridge Quetzalcoatl Entranceidentify local culture with the surrounding structures. The bridge's architecture has snake resemblance and would reflect the popular cultural deity of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent. It would serve as a jewel of civic pride. The entrance of the bridge would be the mouth of a snake and it would compliment all of the other artistic efforts currently happening.851 S Sunset Ave
81Sunset Pedestrian Bridge Shade Panelsenjoy walking the bridge without the sun glaring on them or the rain pouring down on them. The long stretches of the pedestrian bridge does not have any shade from the Sun nor the rain. Panels along the top of the bridge that could attach to the fence would allow people comfortable travel especially if you have trouble walking.851 S Sunset Ave
82makeup classeslearn to feel better about themselves, occupy their time, teach about emotional health.1190 Hillsdale Ave, San Jose, California, 95118
83Blanca Carbajal and Melvis Cruz propose to bring free traditional Mexican Folklore dance classes to district 5. We would need the support of the district 5 council and support. We would need support fThe objective is to teach children, teens and adults about their mexican culture through intricate rhythms and choreographies where they feel identified with their ancestors. Grupo Folklorico Yolotli Guerrerense is based on research we have done at other Mexican folk dance conventions, special guest teachers, and through workshops to get certification as a mexican folk dance teacher. Certain elements of the proposal, specifically free dance lessons, may provide families with tools to escape povAlum Rock Ave, San Jose, California, 95116
84camp faircamp info to parents, including scholarships and adapted campsMayfair
85fundraiser for AASRwe need to start a fundraiser for our therapeutic programs.Mayfair
86improve public libraries/ more computers/ more hours/ school field tripsall students and members of the community can always use libraries computers, workshopd and public safe space.95122, San Jose, California
87fix pot holes, graffiti, and dumpingfeel proud of their community where they live.95121, San Jose, California
88The ARSCS beautification project seeks to eliminate graffiti and vandalism. The graffiti along the business corridor creates an unsightly view and lowers the communityÕs self-esteem. The project woThe beautification project is in line with long-term goals of creating walkable spaces for residents of District 5. Attracting commerce to the business district and thus, developing the business district as a destination. A beautified and improved business district will provide a sense of pride to our entire community. The beautification of the ARSCSBA corridor improves the economic outlook of business owners, reduces the blight and discourages criminal activity within the business district.Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, California, 95116
89To revitalize the lighting in Alum Rock the following would be required: ¥ Repairs to existing lighting strings. ¥ Acquisition of additional outdoor lighting units. ¥ Installation of lighting along stThe lighting of the Alum Rock corridor will improve the quality of life of all residents, instill an improved sense of pride, create charming walkable spaces for residents, and raise revenues by attracting additional commerce. Not only will this align with the long-term goals to create the business district as a destination; it would also benefit the over 1000 employees, many of whom are District 5 residents.Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, California, 95116On Ballot
903 day (12 hr) work week for city employeesspend more time on family, volunteer, etc.Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, California, 95116
91Honors Club at Local Libraries to purchase the online course for youth to adults to learn skill sets that are lacking or missing in at risk communitiesTHE HONORS CLUB has activities were honor tags are earned by completing activities that teach people of all ages the skill sets needed to help them build confidence and abilities that will help them become leaders in their communities. We focus on 100 skill sets that are lacking in at risk communities. We meet at the local libraries where Club members work on their Honor Tags like in the Boy Scouts but skill set that are geared towards at risk communities that empower people to be positive.1621 Hopkins DrOn Ballot
92Play & Learn Play Groups and Parent workshops for parents with children ages 0 to 18. Help parents learn how to play games with children while making sure they reach mile stones by a certain age.make sure children in our community is developing on track and if not where and how to get the resources to help. Empower the community to get involved with our youth like a family board game day no electronics.1635 Hopkins DrOn Ballot
93To create an outdoor space or at a park for musicans to play live music or have jam sessions where all ages can join in. Drums for drum circles at community events and other insturments.check out an instrument to learn how to play and explore. This idea is an instrument loan program that helps the community come together by play sounds and writing music that can uplift and bring joy through music. Volunteers can teach lessons on how to read, play and care for instruments while building community and pride in harmony.1769 Adrian Way
94Business Economic Empowerment Program that educates the community on how to start your own business and be your own boss. Classes would be taught by business owners in the community.afford to live in San Jose and enjoy it without worrying about the bills. These courses will be aimed at helping people make extra income and live the life they desire, by starting their own business in District 5. Youth could learn this skill set and help pay for things their family can't afford to buy them.1621 Hopkins Dr
95Funds Programs at Women Rising Above Abusehave support through abusive situations. We wou;d provide tools and connect our men/women and boys/girls to the right people for the best personal outcome, by offering counseling services, housing, child care, tutoring etc.1891 Winterpark Way
96Fund program at Women Rising Above Abusehave support through abusive situations. We would provide tools and connect our men/women and boys/girls to the right people for the best personal outcome, by offering counseling services, emergency housing, child care, tutoring etc. Also incorporate Journalism and publishing books as a healing method to moving forward1921 Ceylon Ave
97Fund program at Women Rising Above AbuseSo that people could have support through abusive situations. We would provide tools and connect our men/women and boys/girls to the right people for the best personal outcome, by offering counseling services, emergency housing, child care, tutoring etc. Also incorporate Journalism and publishing books as a healing method to moving forward1889 Decatur Dr
98Fund Book Publishing for Women Rising Above AbuseTell their stories to help another person rise above abuse. This is a way to heal and move on from the abuse they had to go through whether it was physical or mental.2142 Kennedy Ave
99Fund Community OutreachHave a spiritual place to turn to for spiritual guidance, and emergency housing, food, clothing, etc. Greater St. John would like to be able to help all of the member of district 5, by offering extra help when need. Most of district 5 had effects of the flood, we would like to be able to assist those in need and also provide vouchers for food and clothing, and school supplies for kids.1607 Sawgrass Dr
100Writing/literaturewrite a book or journalizing to share there story or just to reflect on how far they have come. It can lead to or provide an opportunity to establish your authority, an opportunity to expand, and it also provides an opportunity to launch a business. such as publishing book, or video, ect.3315 San Felipe Rd, San Jose, California, 95135

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Sachin Radhakrishnan at or 408-768-2039.